Donnerstag, 2. August 2012


hey guys!
well it's been a long time since i've posted something and now i'm bored so i thought i could tell you guys something. :-)
at first i must tell you the reasons why i'm not often on blogspot anymore:

→i'm also on tumblr and tumblr is much better than blogspot
→i'm not in the mood to write down my day or my feelings


let's go to the things that changed or happened since my last post:

1)i applied for a studentexchange to the usa next year. but just 4 girls my age which applied for the exchange are able to go there. the school will choose them..
2)maybe i'll do a studentexchange in class 10 to england but i haven't spoken with my parents yet.. 

3) i've no longer a crush on T. or L. they're both total idiots.

the regular readers of my blog may know that i was a fan of One Direction.
now i'm not just a fan, i think i got totally obsessed with them :D

ok that was everything what i wanted to tell you, not much but enough for a post :-)

ah and at least, till today every post will be in english :-) ♥

love, sam.