Donnerstag, 24. Mai 2012

post auf englisch:

Well, that will be my first post in English. I'll try to make as few grammar mistakes as possible. :-)
My school day wasn't really good,  like any other school day. 
But today L. was ill and has still not been decided. Why does he need all this time?

What should I do now?

 Maybe I should talk to him.
It's been one week since I wait for an answer.
I know it's not a long time but I'm very impatient.

But L. isn't my only problem now.
K. told me this in math lesson:

''T. has a crush on TH.''

You know that I loved him for 1 1/2 years - a very long time for a 14 year old girl -
and now I hear that he has a crush on the biggest slut in class. It's quite hard.
I don't love him anymore but it still hit me strong inside.
I do not know why. I have no words for this..
[Finally, I didn't use Google Translator to correct my grammar. I just use it for some words which a I didn't know. :-)]

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